Xavier Blanquer

“He practices street art. The plaques follow a point of view in which the human figure does not appear. A fact that does not disturb but provides the necessary pause when walking.

He describes buildings and focuses on lost huts as well as noble portals or houses on streets that usually have a drawer architecture – different vanishing points.

A defining feature of the style is how it shows with a bright white what it has decided not to see. It hints at the magnetism of the work being constructed. Rarely does the object end up letting the imagination of the occasional voyeur complete it, this detail sometimes seems fortuitous, but conveys a disturbing air to the play. Seduce with the veil of the hidden part.

One of the first drawings in the series is the staircase of Girona Cathedral, he takes it off, it is recognised and then, only a dizzying void comes because the building has completely disappeared. He is a great observer who does not look for the usual parameters of beauty.

Once he has chosen space, his pencil travels through reality with a liquid vision that often brings movement to the murmur of hidden life. The collection reflects well-known places and corners that it gathers to make the beauty float, placid, and that remembers that Blanquer is a sailor, who likes to look at the world wrapped in the serenity of a sailboat.

The work has a point that reminds me of memory. It is not just the chosen buildings, but the memory of a walker who walks the streets and villages without any set goal. Apart from some drawings from the previous stage posted on Mon Oncle in Girona, the work is only on the Internet, we hope it will not take long to exhibit it.”

JORDI ARBONÈS (NIF), Diari de Girona, 14/8/16